Product Information of CTU Planetary Gearbox Track Drive

Brevini Riduttori power transmission compact planetary track drive is designed for Tracked Vehicles: excavators and earth-moving machinery.
They have heavy housings, short overall lengths, and large radial and axial load capacities.
They have an integrated multi-disc fail-safe brake that can be mounted directly on the hydraulic motor and are ready to accept the plug-in hydraulic motor.
The compact design of the device allows power to be transmitted directly from the Brevini axial piston hydraulic motor to the operating machine, thereby reducing the overall size of the hydrostatic transmission.
High radial bearing capacity, particular sealing system, and manual separation allow the final drive to operate under severe and heavy load conditions.
The internal multi-disc parking brake, motion control valve, and smooth displacement variability provided by Brevini hydraulic motor are additional advantages enabling Dana as 1 partner to provide a complete, reliable, integrated transmission package.

Technical Features of CTU Track Drive

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