Description of PWD Series Winch Drives

We have developed tens of thousands of specifications of planetary reducer/gearbox, walking drive, rotary drive, and winch drive, with a transmission ratio of 3.3~9000 and output torque range of 500~1200000n m. The installation, size, and performance parameters of the final drive are entirely consistent with those of well-known European brands Brevini Riduttori and can be ideally replaced and interchanged.

The Brevini planetary gear unit with rotating housing is designed to be installed in the winch drum: the PWD series is used for 3 to 12-ton drive applications, and the slow-new series is used for more than 12-ton applications.
These winch drives have 2 closely connected flanges: 1 is bolted to the fixed winch frame, and the other is screwed to the drum as its first support. The drum and winch frame have any shape and size: the only engineering limitation is the socket on the flange coupling during installation. The winch drive is connected to the drum by bolts inserted from the motor side to facilitate immediate access to the fill, level, and drain plugs.

Thanks to seals, all devices are protected from adverse environmental effects and can be protected from seawater corrosion by epoxy coating.
Through this solution, Ever-power provides manufacturers with a standard product that can be adjusted according to specific dimensions, which means that lighter and more compact winches can be manufactured.
The performance of the PWD and SLW-SCW series meets the FEM M5 standard, with an output speed of 15 rpm, which is the most widely accepted standard for self-propelled and truck-mounted cranes in the market.

Parameter of PWD Series Winch Drives

Size Output Torque*
Max Input Speed

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