High  made in China - replacement parts - largest auto parts store chains China in Lodz Poland  Quality Tapered Roller Bearing Nav4009 for Agricultural Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the largest Chain and agricultural gearbox factory in China with 5 diverse branches. For more details: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Fantastic attention has been paid on environmental safety and energy conserving. Hangzhou EPG Co.,Ltd. , was founded in November, 1997. With its 5 wholly owned subsidiaries.EPT chains, each common and non-common, are made of: ○ High quality steels: proportions and adapted chemical composition for the diverse chain elements ○ The most efficient manufacturing processes: • Particular strategy for the creation of bushes strengthening the chain wear resistance ( EPT know-how) • Plates produced by multi-phase processing resources ensuring a regular pitch ( EPT technologies) ○ Ample mechanical and warmth treatments of chain elements: • Shot peening • Floor finishing • Case hardening, carbonitriding, quenching, tempering … • EPT®treatment • Freezing remedy • Corrosion security coatings (GEOMET, zinc, nickel plating, …) Our abilities go considerably beyond the scope of our catalog. Dependent on customer demand, we now stock strong collars with oversized bores for programs the place the regular tolerance does not let for satisfactory clearance. We also give a variety of finishes for reliable and split collar including yellow zinc, nickel and chrome. Several are even stocked for off-the-shelf shipping. We also manufacture and inventory sound collars with 2 established screws, with thru holes, and with out holes. Collars are offered in inch and metric sizes. Weighty sequence clamp-type collars and threaded collars are also offered. We can even offer sq. bore collars for quantity needs. And if your unique demands repeat often, we are happy to stock components for scheduled releases. No matter what your collar specifications, Lucas Industrial is your supplier for higher quality expense – powerful factors.

Distributor distributes OEM Needle Roller Bearings

     Needle bearing is a bearing with cylindrical rollers. The rollers are thin and prolonged relative to their diameter.This variety of roller is called a needle roller.Despite the fact that has a small cross-section, bearing still has high load ability, needle bearing with good and prolonged roller (roller diameter D 5 mm or less, acuity 2.5 L/D, L) for the roller size, so the radial framework is compact, its diameter and load capacity at the identical time, with EPT kinds of bearing outside diameter to a minimum, especially suited for the minimal size of the radial installation supporting composition.


Solution title: Distributor of IKO Needle Roller Bearing 
Materials: Bearing Metal
Attribute: Higher precision, low noise, long existence
Deal: Plastic bags /Single box + outer carton box+ pallets
Software: Broadly used in Car: +86~13083988828s, rolling mills, mines, metallurgy, plastic equipment, and EPT industries
one. The bearings inside shall be kept dustproof
      2. The functioning temperature shall be no larger than rated working temperature
        3. The bearings shall be used acid-cost-free environment
four. The bearings shall be kept in relative humidity below 60% 
five. The bearings shall be managed carefully, avoiding slipping, knocking or hitting it
6. The bearings shall be mounted evenly



one.Our firm was established in 2006, fourteen years of rich knowledge can make us more expert.We ensure to give you with the mo EPT aggressive cost and the be EPT products.

two. The business has a number of substantial-top quality design and style, processing, producing and tests technological innovation engineering specialized crew, sophisticated tools, innovative technologies, and imported components, from ZheJiang , Germany imports, can produce large-top quality machine instruments.The firm has a professional r & d team and right after-sales services staff, you buy high-conclude goods, we do is top quality service.

3. The business has an automatic manufacturing line, which guarantees unified solution high quality, minimizes price, shortens shipping time and improves creation efficiency.

four. The bearings made by the business have higher precision, large speed, modest dress in, provider life, stHangZhourd dimension, compact construction and fa EPT working velocity.The business has been awarded”China 3.fifteen integrity enterprises”, “China renowned model items”,”top quality inspection nationwide stHangZhourds qualified items” and EPT nationwide authoritative certificates.Acquired a number of nationwide patents, turn into the domesticleading enterprises.


Shaft Diameter open    Mass Shut   Mass
mm Current Substituted g Current Substituted g
four HK0408TN 37941/four one.six BK0408TN 35941/four 1.eight
five HK0509 47941/five two BK0509 45941/5 2.1
six HK0607 27941/six 1.8
  HK0608 37941/six two.one BK0608 35941/6 two.2
  HK0609 47941/six 2.two BK0609 45941/6 two.6
  HK06×12×08   2.five
7 HK0709 47941/7 2.three BK0709 45941/seven 2.9
eight HK0808 37941/eight 2.7 BK0808 35941/8 3
  HK571 57941/8 3 BK571 55941/8 three.4
  HK08×14×10 27942/8 5.35 BK08×14×10 25941/8 5.eight
  HK08×14×12 37942/eight 6.six
nine HK0908 37941/9 three BK0908 35941/9 3.4
  HK571 57941/9 four BK571 55941/9 four.3
  HK571 67941/9 four.six BK571 65941/9 four.9
  HK09×15×10 27942/nine 5.six
ten HK1571 57941/ten four.one BK1571 55941/10 4.3
  HK1012 67941/ten four.eight BK1012 65941/ten 5
  HK1015 six BK1015 6.two
twelve HK1208 37941/12 3.three
  HK1210 57941/12 four.6 BK1210 55941/12 five.two
  HK1212 67941/twelve 5.6 BK1212 65941/12 6.two
thirteen HK1312 eight.nine BK1312 eleven.two
14 HK1410 27941/fourteen eight.three BK1412 35941/14 12.1
  HK1412 37941/fourteen ten.five 12.two
  HK1416 57941/14 thirteen.nine 12.5
fifteen HK15×20×12 7941/fifteen 8.4
  HK15×20×16 7942/fifteen eleven.four
  HK15×20×20 7943/fifteen 13.8
  HK1512 37941/15 11.1 BK1512 35941/fifteen twelve.7
  HK1514 47941/fifteen twelve.seven twelve.9
  HK1515 fourteen.two 13
  HK1516 57941/fifteen fifteen BK1516 55941/fifteen 16.five
  HK1522 SZ-439 twenty.4 BK1522 22
  HK15×22×12 7948/fifteen 12.five
sixteen HK16×21×09 seven.five
  HK1612 37941/16 eleven.7 BK1612 35941/16 13.eight
  HK1614 47941/16 14.four
  HK1616 57941/sixteen fifteen.eight BK1616 55941/16 17.six
  HK1617 SZ-435 18
  HK1622 87941/sixteen 21.seven BK1622 85941/sixteen 23.four
seventeen HK1712 37941/seventeen 12.2 BK1712 35941/seventeen 14.five
  HK1714 7941/17 fourteen
  HK1716 57941/17 fifteen.9
  HK1718 7942/seventeen 19
eighteen HK1812 37941/18 thirteen.1 BK1812 35941/18 14.9
  HK1816 57941/18 seventeen.five BK1816 55941/eighteen 19.nine
19 HK19×27×16 TA1916 23
twenty HK2571 27941/twenty 11.eight BK2571 25941/20 14
  HK2012 37941/twenty 14.four BK2012 35941/20 16.seven
  HK2014 47941/twenty 15.7
  HK2016 57941/twenty 19.three BK2016 55941/20 22.3
  HK2018 67941/twenty 23.3
  HK2571 79421/20 24.one BK2571 75941/twenty 27.one
  HK2571 7943/20 28
  HK2030 34.seven BK2030 37.4
  HK20×28×16 47942/twenty 28.5
22 HK2210 27941/22 twelve.three
  HK2212 37941/22 15 BK2212 35941/22 18.one
  HK2216 57941/22 20.nine BK2216 55941/22 24.three
  HK2220 77941/22 26.two BK2220 75941/22 29.nine
  HK2230 32
25 HK2512 27941/twenty five 20 BK2512 25941/25 23.two
  HK2514 37941/25 21.9
  HK2516 7941/25 27.three BK2516 7941/twenty five 31
  HK2518 57941/25 28.2
  HK2520 67941/twenty five 34.one BK2520 65941/twenty five 38.seven
  HK2525 7943/twenty five forty
  HK2526 forty four.8 BK2526 49
  HK2538 87941/twenty five 64.seven BK2538 85941/25 sixty nine
  HK25×35×20 57942/25 44.9
28 HK2816 47941/28 thirty.1 BK2816 45941/28 34.1
  HK2818 57941/28 31.seven
  HK2820 67941/28 37.6 BK2820 65941/28 forty three
30 HK3012 27941/thirty 24 BK3012 25941/thirty 27.9
  HK3016 47941/30 32 BK3016 45941/thirty 37.one
  HK3018 57941/thirty 33.6
  HK3571 67941/30 forty.one BK3571 65941/thirty 46.five
  HK3026 52.9 BK3026 59.four
  HK3038 seventy six.1 BK3038 82.five
  HK30×38×12 27941/30 28
  HK30×38×16 7941/30 32.seven
  HK30×38×24 7942/thirty forty nine
  HK30×38×32 7943/30 sixty nine
32 HK3224 77941/32 50.seven
  HK3232 97941/32 66.4
  HK32×40×32 7943/32 seventy two.7
35 HK3512 59741/35 27.seven BK3512 25941/35 32.nine
  HK3516 47941/35 36.nine BK3516 45941/35 43.8
  HK3520 67941/35 46.one BK3520 65941/35 fifty four.eight
  HK35×43×16 7941/35 37
  HK35×43×25 7942/35 sixty.5
  HK35×43×32 7943/35 eighty
38 HK38×48×30 102
forty HK4012 27941/forty 31.1 BK4012 25941/40 38.two
  HK4016 47941/forty 41.four BK4015 45941/forty 51
  HK4571 67941/40 51.eight BK4571 65941/forty sixty two
  HK40×50×32 7942/forty 114.3
  HK40×50×38 7943/40 130.eight
forty five HK4512 27941/45 34.eight BK4512 25941/45 forty five
  HK4516 47941/forty five forty six.2 BK4516 45941/forty five fifty six
  HK4520 67941/45 fifty six BK4520 65941/45 seventy two
  HK5012 27941/fifty forty four.two
  HK5571 47941/50 72 BK5571 55941/fifty 87.three
  HK5571 7943/50 ninety.one BK5571 5943/fifty 109
fifty five HK5520 57941/fifty five seventy eight BK5571 93.eight
  HK5525 77941/fifty five 109 55941/55
  HK5528 87941/55 111 BK5528 84941/sixty 132
60 HK6012 49.2 BK6012 77
  HK6571 57941/sixty 86 BK6571 55941/sixty 105

new moddel aged design innter diameter exterior diameter substantial excess weight
NAV48/500 40748/500 five hundred 620 118 93.five
NAV4206X2 74706K 30 sixty two thirty
NAV4202X3 74803 fifteen 36 24.5 .one
NAV4017 4074117 85 130 45 2.58
NAV4016 4074116 80 125 forty five 2.forty seven
NAV4015X3A 74715K 75 120 38
NAV4015 4074115 75 115 40 1.eighty one
NAV4014 4074114 70 110 forty one.seven
NAV4013 4074113 65 100 35 one.2
NAV4011 4074111 55 90 35 1.03
NAV4571 4074110 50 80 thirty .702
NAV4009 4074109 45 seventy five thirty .637
NAV4008 4074108 forty sixty eight 28 .495
NAV4007 4074107 35 62 27 .418
NAV4006 4074106 thirty fifty five 25 .311
NAV4005 4074105 twenty five 47 22 .201
NAV4004 4074104 20 42 22 .175
NAV4003 4074103 seventeen 35 eighteen .098
NAV3956 3074956 280 380 seventy five 27.1
NAV3940 3074940 200 280 sixty 13.one
NAV3013X3 74713 sixty five ninety five 28
NAV28/1400 20748/1400 1400 1700 one hundred seventy five 930
NAVP4912X3/AS1 54712K 60 ninety 28
NAVP4912X3 54712 sixty ninety 28
NAVP4571 4054120K one hundred a hundred and fifty 50 3.seventy two
NAVP4571X2 54810 fifty 80 28 .637
NAVP4008X2 54808 forty sixty eight 31
NAV6/30.5 74806K 30.5 53 22
NAV5840X3 74740 200 260 65 ten.three
NAV5003X2 74703 17 35 24.5 .126
NAV4930 4074930 150 210 sixty 7.29
NAV4926/C4 4G4074926 one hundred thirty a hundred and eighty fifty four.48
NAV4926 4074926 one hundred thirty 180 fifty four.forty three
NAV4924 4074924E 120 165 45
NAV4922 4074922E one hundred ten one hundred fifty 40
NAV4920X1 74720 100 one hundred thirty five forty one.9
NAV4920 4074920E a hundred one hundred forty 40
NAV4919 4074919 95 one hundred thirty 35 1.537
NAV4918 4074918 90 a hundred twenty five 35 one.507
NAV4916 4074916E eighty 110 thirty
NAV4914 4074914E 70 one hundred 30
NAV4912 4074912E sixty 85 25
NAV4910 4074910E fifty 72 22
NAV4909 4074909E 45 sixty eight 22
NAVP4205X3RZW 584705K twenty five fifty five 37
NAVP6926X2ZW 884726 130 one hundred eighty a hundred and fifteen 6.64
NAV5009SWBK 5484109 45 seventy five 40
NAV1006SWBK 484106 thirty fifty five 13
NAVP4000X2M/S1 ten 26 seventeen .269
NAVP5900M/P6S1 E54700HT2 10 26 17 .054
NAVP607/C9 54309U 35 ninety sixty two 1.504
NAVP6/37/C9 54307U 37 72 52 .554
NAVP608/C9 54310U forty 100 70 two.196
NAVP4907X3/AS1 54707 35 fifty eight 22 .269

Our Rewards

    1.World-Class Bearing  
We give our clients with all kinds of indigenous bearing with world-class quality.
    two.OEM or Non-Stand Bearings
     Any need for NonstHangZhourd bearings is Simply Fulfilled by us due to its va EPT knowledge and hyperlinks in the market.
    three. Real products With EPT Quality
The business has constantly proved the a hundred% high quality merchandise it provides with authentic intent.
    4. Soon after Income Services and Complex Assistance
         The business offers following-sales service and complex support as per the customer’s demands and wants.
    five. Fast Shipping and delivery
         The organization supplies just-in-time delivery with its streamlined source chain. 

Concerns and Responses

     Q: Are you a trading business or producer?    
    A: We are a factory.
    Q: How extended is your shipping time?
    A: Typically it is 5-ten times if the products are in stock. or it is fifteen-20 days if the merchandise are not in stock, it is according to amount.
    Q: Do you give samples ? is it free of charge or additional?
    A: Yes, we could provide the sample for free demand but do not spend the co EPT of freight.
    Q: What are your phrases of payment?

    A: Payment=1000USD, 30% T/T in progress ,equilibrium just before shippment.            


Make sure you feel totally free to get in touch with us, if you have any EPT concerns!


The use of unique gear manufacturer’s (OEM) part quantities or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the detailed alternative elements contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or produced by the OEM.

High  made in China - replacement parts - largest auto parts store chains China in Lodz Poland  Quality Tapered Roller Bearing Nav4009 for Agricultural Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

High  made in China - replacement parts - largest auto parts store chains China in Lodz Poland  Quality Tapered Roller Bearing Nav4009 for Agricultural Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

High  made in China - replacement parts - largest auto parts store chains China in Lodz Poland  Quality Tapered Roller Bearing Nav4009 for Agricultural Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

High  made in China - replacement parts - largest auto parts store chains China in Lodz Poland  Quality Tapered Roller Bearing Nav4009 for Agricultural Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price